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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello peoples

Yea I'm back from vacation. It was longer than expected cuz i was only supposed to b at my grams for 2 weeks but then i went to my cousins also=D but im back. idk how many people even read my site anymore. probably like 2 lol. anyways music jam is going on again. One backstage is at the Dock and the other at the Night Club. You must b a member and you need an all access pass. You can meet Cadence or the Penguin Band. Member's item is the boombox again at the Night Club. There are instruments for members at the dock backstage again. And there are free headphones for everyone at the cove. The new pin is in the boiler room. Why did i type this all? Cuz instead of just looking at the pics I'm gonna make you read my post mwhaha. So yep that's all basically. BBl with more cheats!!

P.S. I released my video on Youtube!!
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